Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'm an intelligent guy. Or so I have been told by reliable sources.
That is not meant to be boasting. More of a declaration of disability. Like those little cards that say "I'm hearing-impaired. Speaking louder and slower won't help me to hear you. I read lips." My disability got me here. A long strange trip. I think I'll have some cards printed up..."I'm intelligent. My education has hampered my ability to enjoy life" Or some such.

When I was younger and going to school, I got a job as a Q.C. inspector. I walked in off the street, did an interview and was hired and trained to inspect the company's product. An okay job. I wasn't the best of the inspectors, but I was white, and I was going to college. Along with me, there were many in my department that needed and had worked their way up to the position of inspector and its slightly elevated pay and benefits. Nice folks, on the whole. Dedicated to and proficient in their vocation. 

A new manager took over the department, and as new managers are wont to do, she intended to make changes. She immediately instituted a series of tests designed to weed-out the less 'intelligent' of her inspectors. One look at these standardized tests told me that they were discriminatory and unnecessary in our department. I had overheard a supervisor gossiping about how great it would be to get rid of the Mexicans in the Q.C. department and also that my results on the coming test would be held as the top of the curve for grading, as I would no doubt ace the exam. Of course, I wasn't supposed to know this. I was supposed to demonstrate my superior intellect and education to set a standard by which all others would fail and be demoted or fired. And they would have; had I not heard the gossip. So I endeavored to deliberately fail. Answers to these academic questions inexplicably evaded my grasp as they did most of those that were tested. I failed miserably. Worst of the lot. The others held on to their positions and I was fired for my insolence after admitting that I had given the wrong answers to try and save the jobs of others. So much for intelligence. Oh, well.

Intelligence is overrated. Grossly. The greatest minds of our time, will readily admit this obvious fact. With out any doubt, it has gotten us into more trouble than done us any good. Our brains have merely evolved too much. Every basic drive with which we are saddled from the days of our caveman era remain intact. And instead of just gathering food for seasonal inclement weather, we hoard out of greediness and laziness. Instead of protecting our families and what we have labored for, we covet and steal from others. We do all this with all the incredible sophistication that our huge brains allow. And yet the end results are the same, just on a grander scale. Segmented societies. Class rule. Hunger, injustice, war and suffering for most. Luxury for a few. A larger brain has not overcome the real stumbling blocks in our evolution as a species. It has made them worse. You might point to the emergence of science as an advancement, but I say 'not so, bucko'. We have conquered some diseases, only to give rise to others. Most of science is dedicated to facilitating creature comforts that further dissipate our physical form, designed for battle with gravity, which gives rise to more ailments. Cancer, Carpel tunnel, obesity, pulmonary ailments are among the many of our man-made diseases that have come to us in our battle against our bodies in pursuit of happiness. When truly, the happiest people that I have ever met are also the stupidest. Life is not a complicated mess for them as it is for me. It is straightforward. They may contemplate the evening sky and its mysteries in their simple way. But they have as many useful answers about them as the most sophisticated astrophysicists. They don't understand the purpose of the universe and our place in it; neither do their intelligent counterparts. So how far have our large craniums brought us? 

I read an essay recently that purported that the jewish among us are indeed more intelligent as a culture than their Gentile counterparts. It referenced this revelation with many rather questionable conclusions, but let's say that it is true. For argument's sake, let us say that through genetic engineering governed by jewish breeding exclusivity, the jew has attained a culturally superior brain. As I look around me, I cannot state that it has gotten these tribe members anything worth having. And assuming that this alleged intelligence has foisted leadership positions upon the ashkanazi descendent over the Gentile(and they have not merely stolen the reigns of power), the world must be in state of higher evolution because of such influence. I ain't seeing that either. But you can't take my assessment into account. I wish I was much stupider than I am. I wouldn't recognize the benefits of intelligence if my butler brought it to me on a silver platter. From my perspective, these jewish elite indulge in some pretty nasty caveman-type endeavors exclusively. Sex, gluttony, laziness and power-mongering. I don't see their culture rising above war and bullying to attain these mediocre things. 
But of course, this isn't true at all. The jewish are merely humans with brains exactly like Gentiles. With all the downfalls that come with such useless excess gray matter. And more. Because they believe that they are intellectually superior, it adds an equally useless helping of hubris about such supposed intelligence. And we have Hollyweird. And we have israhell. And we have central banking cartels. And on and on. All those things that they direct...and all those things that we could all do without. Funny that.
So having to come to the conclusion long ago that my brain has always gotten me into deep do-do, I have begun to assess happiness quite differently. I have grown shy of 'intelligent' people that haven't, like me, come full circle in their understanding that the only beauty in life is in its simplicity. A conclusion which most of the intelligent among us may never reach. I pity them. Sort of.


Anonymous said...

Entertaining as always, Timster. Science is dead end. What is required to put joy in the heart and health in the body does not include science. People would be much happier hunting, fishing and frolicking in the forests.

Courage is more important that brains and kindness is more important than courage.


neal said...

Maybe it's good to have brains, just still listen to the heart, and trust the gut. Not one thing more relevant than the other, just things stuck together working in a proper place.

That is science, fables, and attitude, stuck together.

Little kids do not have much of a problem making that work, even when old and worn out. These days, you cannot tell the higher instutions to piss off, without getting your hands dirty trying to survive the situation.

Geez, knowing that your brains are not all in your head is not stupid, just neurons lining the gut, and the heart, and sort of spread out. That is science taking pictures, everyone else has to figure out how that works, and what to do about it.

wiggins said...

They say a little knowledge is dangerous....this might explain the Jew.

Ginnie said...

Elwood P. Dowd


He knew!

glengear said...

I've wished for intelligence, all my life. Coming from humble beginnings, the smarter you are, the more problems, you'll find!
Finding out that everything you thought you knew, you don't know, was a real problem. I hate problems, they're hard to think through. So what does one do?
I once questioned my dear old mother, while we're sitting on her front porch, one fine summer day, "what are you thinking about?" I truly felt the need to understand her! After eighty years of living, seven children, losing two, an alcoholic husband of over thirty five years, who would not keep a job, forcing her to hold down a full time job. She was convalescing at home after a hospital stay.
I truly needed her to answer my question, my thinking was she must . . . know the secret!
I had to know! This was her answer to my question.
What are you thinking about?


Now at my age the search for intelligence has taken a whiz on me! I now, wish for, what my mother has . . . by the way, she always carries a smile!

I wish to think about "NOTHING!"

I also wish, to always carry, a smile on my face!!!
Not being pleased with her answer the first time, I made the mistake of asking again! With a rise in her voice, no smile on her face, she says, ""NOTHING!""
I asked her no more!
MAN I WANT TO ANSWER WITH "NOTHING!" Sorry old man! Sometimes I do go on!!! Your pal, over at GLENVIEW.

Timster said...

McCob -"Courage is more important that brains and kindness is more important than courage."
Very well put.

Timster said...

Neal - Important obs there...

Timster said...

Wiggins - You may have something there.

Timster said...

Ginnie - "My mother used to say to me, "Elwood(she used to call me Elwood) this life you must be oh so smart, or oh so kind". Well, for a long time I was smart. I recommend kindness".

Timster said...

Glenster -"Nothing" can be nice...